Employee Orientation and Engagement

"The Employee Orientation and Engagement team is crucial to maintaining efficiency and a shared culture at BrownFlynn. Our team goals will help facilitate better and more frequent communication with new employees, and ensure veteran team members are apprised of the most current company information."
- Marissa Beechuk, Employee Orientation Team Leader

Employee engagement in our vibrant corporate culture is fundamental to our success. In recent years, as we have welcomed a number of talented new individuals to our Firm, we identified a need to revamp our employee orientation to ensure maximum engagement and efficiency. For the coming year, our Employee Engagement Team will focus exclusively on Employee Orientation and the ways in which we introduce new employees to BrownFlynn, our culture and our practices. The program will include a sustainability education component in addition to a description of relevant sustainability policies.


Who doesn't enjoy a little fun at work? Embracing laughter and levity is one component of our corporate culture that strengthens internal relationships and, in turn, our performance as an organization. At BrownFlynn, we promote fun and team-building through a program affectionately known as "Funatics". Team members take turns planning Funatics events, which typically take the form of some creative and enjoyable activity.

This year, Funatics events ranged from an educational site visit at a local innovation firm to attending an outdoor play at a nearby community park. In the past, we have carved pumpkins, practiced an afternoon of yoga and even celebrated Elvis' birthday with live music and peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches. BrownFlynn team members are responsible for ensuring these events are appropriate in terms of duration and cost, but most importantly, that they foster team spirit.

Training and Education

With the rapid evolution of the sustainability and corporate responsibility field, we recognize the importance of continuous learning. Our leaders set aside professional development funds for education and training opportunities, including conferences, webinars, external training and education opportunities as well as flexible work hours to accommodate class schedules.

Compensation and Benefits

Our team members are BrownFlynn's greatest resource. We compensate them for their hard work and dedication with a living wage that supports their personal and familial prosperity. We also offer our full-time employees the benefits of health care, retirement plans, profit sharing and paid time off for vacation and holidays.