Business Innovation

"Our ability to drive internal innovation is what keeps BrownFlynn competitive and allows us to continually enhance the service we provide to our clients. With our Business Innovation team, we're aiming to make innovation a stronger, more prevalent element of our organizational culture. It's an opportunity to engage the entire BrownFlynn team in the design and implementation of ideas for growth."
- Hallie Rich, Business Innovation Team Leader

BrownFlynn's economic performance is a fundamental aspect of our sustainability. Without the financial resources necessary to continue operations, we would be limited in our ability to benefit internal and external stakeholders, our communities or our environment. Because we are a private company, we choose not to disclose specific financial information in this report, but instead focus on business innovations and growth that play a central role in our prosperity.

Superior Services and Innovation

BrownFlynn is committed to providing unparalleled products and services so we can achieve results that exceed our client's expectations. We're constantly working to improve our product and service offerings through best practice research and the encouragement of idea generation and creativity at all levels of the organization.

We created the Business Innovation Team to develop a concrete system of generating, tracking and vetting new business ideas. We recently started using an internal staff blog to capture ideas that spring from any member of the Firm. Ideas are then vetted by the Business Innovation Team and appropriately addressed by the Firm's principals. This system allows each idea to be heard and gives each an equal chance of being incorporated into BrownFlynn's business.

The Launch of Our New Division: BrownFlynn Learning

BrownFlynn launched its new division, BrownFlynn Learning, in July 2009. BrownFlynn Learning offers a variety of sustainability and corporate responsibility education and training courses, in addition to its signature course, The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Process. The two-day signature course provides attendees with a comprehensive overview of reporting environmental, social and economic policies - a practice that often establishes or enhances a company's sustainability strategy. The successful completion of GRI's rigorous course development process positions BrownFlynn Learning as a leader in corporate responsibility training, education and reporting. BrownFlynn also offers a non-certified, abridged version of this course to meet the needs of various audiences.

To learn more about our new division, BrownFlynn Learning, and its course offerings, click here.

Implementing Our Vision

BrownFlynn has several systems in place to ensure we make progress on our business goals. Each team member has their own performance "dashboard", which includes personal goals that align with company-wide goals. These dashboards are reviewed bi-annually, allowing individuals to track their own performance and to see the ways in which they contribute to BrownFlynn's success. Project leaders and team members can also individually track progress toward all project financial goals using a web-based time and billing program to log time and project costs. Overall, BrownFlynn has been successful over the past 13 years in both reaching and surpassing our business goals.