Letter from the Principals

Dear Friends,

When we founded BrownFlynn 13 years ago, we made a decision to do business differently; we resolved to "do well by doing good". At the time, we understood that commitment to include serving our community and helping clients find ways to add value to their business through corporate social responsibility (CSR). We counseled our clients on building strategic philanthropy programs, enhancing employee engagement activities and developing communications for social benefit - but we knew there was more to the story. As our thinking evolved, so did our perspective on CSR. We dug deeper into the management strategies that reinforce socially responsible practices and expanded our knowledge of environmental issues. We integrated triple-bottom line thinking into our own operations and began to guide clients in developing strategies that include the three pillars of sustainability: People, Planet and Profit.

Today, sustainability is both a core value and a business strategy for BrownFlynn. It is what we strive for in our personal and professional lives and how we help our clients succeed. Throughout this report, you will find examples and anecdotes of our efforts to practice sustainability as an organization. Our ongoing commitment to community engagement and communications is a fundamental element of our organizational philosophy, and we are making progress on reducing our environmental footprint. We are excited by the possibilities that exist for BrownFlynn to not only help clients evolve, but to foster our own organizational learning and growth.

When the time came to assemble BrownFlynn's first sustainability report, we, like many of our clients, experienced some reticence over the idea of sharing both our successes and our areas for improvement. But as sustainability consultants, we know the value and importance of transparency and the constructive feedback that results from engaging our stakeholders. What we have learned by going through this reporting process is that while doing good has helped us to do well, we can and must do better.

We believe in the fundamental power business holds with respect to social and environmental progress. As members of the United Nations Global Compact, we commit to finding ways for business to directly affect the sustainability of our communities and the world. In turn, we acknowledge and respect that vital, thriving communities can improve a business' long-term profitability. BrownFlynn has a history of respecting, encouraging and advancing economic growth, community engagement and environmental stewardship. Going forward, our goal is to broaden our positive impacts by uncovering new opportunities through sustainability. The good news is that we have the knowledge and wherewithal to make it happen. Now is the time to focus our efforts, inspire our stakeholders and move boldly into the future as leaders in sustainability.


Barb Brown & Margie Flynn