Our Culture

The happiest place on Earth - at least, that's what one visitor said she thought BrownFlynn represented. We're not looking to challenge Disneyland for that distinction, but we think BrownFlynn is a pretty great place to work and learn. Our team values integrity and quality, and we challenge one another to improve every day. We are driven to not only please, but to delight our clients and create positive change in the world. Who couldn't feel inspired in an atmosphere like that?

A framed copy of the "I Am BrownFlynn" graphic sits on each of our desks as a constant reminder of our company values; the statements it contains represent a way of living, working and building relationships that we embrace both inside and outside of BrownFlynn. The meaning behind each statement is part of our commitment to "walk the talk" or genuinely live the tenets of sustainability - something we are accountable for in our performance reviews. Each of us has strengths and opportunities for growth, but we continue to advance our thinking so that we can pass on our own learning to our clients.