Our Reporting Process

As sustainability consultants, writing our own sustainability report should be easy, right? Think again. We found ourselves facing the same challenges that any organization experiences when creating a first report - limited metrics and systems for data collection; room for improvement with regard to past sustainability performance; the need to enhance the consistency and discipline with which we apply any given sustainability strategy, behavior or initiative.

Fortunately, applying the GRI process to our own organization began to provide us with the management benefits we identify for our clients. To demonstrate the beginning of a more systematic journey toward sustainability, we have structured this report to follow our use of that framework. We've dedicated the time and resources needed to:

  • Organize ourselves for success;
  • Engage our internal and external stakeholders around report content; and
  • Set goals for material (relevant) topics.

This report describes the infrastructure we put in place to meet our goals over the coming year. Many of our goals for 2009-2010 involve establishing the appropriate metrics to track our environmental, social and economic performance. With the launch of our first report, we simultaneously begin a monitoring period in which we'll gather concrete information about our progress toward our goals, which we will report as part of our performance in our next report.