Our Team and Governance


BrownFlynn comprises highly talented consultant team members with experience in corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy and execution, stakeholder engagement, finance, organizational development, and marketing communications. Barb Brown and Margie Flynn, our principals and co-owners, provide leadership to the team and offer strategic counsel and direction to clients.

BrownFlynn also works with a Senior Advisory Team of individuals outside the organization. Our Senior Advisory Team members provide the Firm and clients with expertise that is complementary to BrownFlynn's palette of service offerings.

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Recognizing no two clients are alike, we strive to match client needs with the most creative, effective and efficient resources. We have established relationships with a variety of technical and creative experts - from lawyers and engineers to designers and multimedia producers - that allow BrownFlynn to leverage our expertise while delivering on specific client needs.

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BrownFlynn's co-owners and principals, Barb Brown and Margie Flynn, oversee day-to-day operations in the consulting and communications division of the Firm. Our Director of BrownFlynn Learning reports to BrownFlynn's principals, but is primarily responsible for daily decision-making regarding the operations of our new division.

In 2000, BrownFlynn formed an Advisory Board to provide counsel and specific expertise to the Firm. The Board is designed to give non-binding advice to BrownFlynn and possesses no fiduciary or legal responsibilities to the Firm. The Board serves two primary purposes:
  • Members act as a "sounding board" on a variety of critical business issues - those of utmost importance to the Firm and its future growth and success.
  • It creates a "networking community" and generates business leads and suggestions especially in BrownFlynn's growth areas.

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