Who We Are

BrownFlynn is a corporate responsibility and sustainability consulting firm headquartered in Highland Heights, Ohio. We advise companies on the integration of responsible practices into their business strategies and the communication of these practices internally and externally for bottom-line impact. We also believe in advancing sustainability through education. As the first certified Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) training entity in the United States, BrownFlynn provides leading-edge sustainability training and education courses designed to enhance participants' understanding of practical sustainability issues.

Our consulting services strategically link clients' core competencies to a "triple bottom line" philosophy, improving a client's social and environmental impact while driving profitability. Now, more than ever, companies rely on increased productivity with healthy, engaged employees. They depend on strong relationships with economically viable communities. They require access to quality natural resources. And their fate rests in the re-establishment of public trust, based on transparency and ethical behavior. Corporate sustainability is both the strategy and the ultimate objective.

Our Mission

BrownFlynn commits to create a world in which all companies operate in a manner that provides for the freedom of current and future generations' ability to prosper.